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VdFS supports following Film Festivals and Events


28. Februar - 07. März 2019

The "FrauenFilmTage" (Women's Film Days) offer an exciting insight into the diverse world of female filmmaking with a programme on socio-political topics as well as humorous works and films about the attitude to life of young women.

11. - 15. März 2020

Since 2001, "Tricky Women" has been focusing on women's animated films every year, thus occupying a prominent thematic niche in the international festival landscape.

Let´s CEE Film Festival
13. - 22. April 2018

Look East For Great Films - under this premise, the "LET'S CEE Film Festival" offers a multi-faceted film- and supporting programme and also invites intercultural exchange.

Ethnocineca - Online Edition
07. - 14. Mai 2020

From May 7th to 14th 2020, eight documentary films can be viewed online for eight days. The selected films tell us about life in general, about waiting for change and trying to take control of our own destiny, revealing the full power and beauty of the cinematic narrative.

01. Juli - 18. September 2020

During the summer months, the nomadic film festival plays at numerous venues throughout Vienna. The film programme of the oldest open-air cinema in the city includes a wide selection of current, explosive and successful documentaries, short films, music and feature films.

VIS Vienna Shorts - Online Edition
28. Mai - 02. Juni 2020

"VIS" is completely dedicated to the short format. The programme includes short and animated films as well as music videos. VIS" wants to create suspense and stimulate the imagination, arouse curiosity and spur discussions, in short: generate an unbiased desire for short films.

zeitimpuls shortfilm - digital version
22. - 27. Juni 2020

Social commitment in short film - that's what zeitimpuls shortfilm stands for! The festival offers a varied programme for all age groups and spans an arc from the play with fear in terrorist reporting to visions of democratic dialogue and the fundamental values of our society- human rights.

03. - 06. Juli 2019

The Juvinale is a festival with many faces around young qualitative film with screenings, workshops, discussions and the Juvinale Awards. The focus of the Juvinale is on establishing a network within Europe to facilitate communication among young filmmakers.

17. Juli - 05. September 2020

The summer cinema at the MQ offers a beautiful mixture of documentary, feature, animation, art and short films, celebrating cinema and digital culture. And all this with free admission.

PARADOXA - Film Festival at Prameter lake
15. - 19. Juli 2019

The PARADOXA Film Festival, which will take place for the first time in 2019, consists of a three-day film workshop for children and an open-air cinema for all at the lake. The thematic spirit of the festival is the narrative of the monster in the lake. The films refer thematically to the water as a place of the uncanny.

05. Juli - 25. August 2020

"dotdotdot Short Film Festival" spreads a relaxed open-air atmosphere. Handpicked short and medium-length films are on the programme when the Volkskundemuseum Wien turns into the festival centre of "dotdotdot".

09. Juli - 16. August 2020

From classics to current productions, on the large open-air screen in the garden of the Filmarchiv Austria numerous films flicker during the summer months.

Der neue Heimatfilm
21. - 25. August 2019

In the 32nd edition, on five festival days in Freistadt, around 60 international and national feature films, documentaries and short films - including numerous Austrian premieres - invite you to approach the topic of home from different perspectives and to engage intensively with it. In two international competition programmes (feature film and documentary), prizes are awarded by international juries.

/slash Film Festival
17. - 27. September 2020

Since 2010, the "/slash" has been thrilling fans of fantastic film and is now an integral part of the Vienna Film Autumn. The film programme includes more than 40 Austrian premieres each year, from acclaimed documentaries to blockbusters, from indie productions to reenactments of classics.

Jewish Film Festival Vienna
07. - 21. Oktober 2020

Shalom Oida! The "Jewish Film Festival Vienna" brings Jewish filmmaking to Viennese cinemas and the big screen.

Austrian Film Festival
09. - 10. Oktober 2020

The festival of national and international independent film presents carefully selected short, feature and documentary films.

Instant 36 - shooting weekend
10. - 11. Oktober 2020

The "Instant36" is an open festival for film enthusiasts, where the participants face the challenge to shoot a short film within 36 hours. After a topic has been announced, the film will be shot diligently. Fiction, documentary or animation - all forms are permitted.

22. Oktober - 01. November 2020

300 feature films, documentaries and short films - this is Austria's largest international film event, which brings international flair to Vienna at the end of October and invites its visitors to a cinematic voyage of discovery through the cinema of the world.

Instant 36 - screening & festival
24. Oktober 2020

The "Instant36" is an open festival for film enthusiasts, where the participants face the challenge to shoot a short film within 36 hours. Three weeks after the competition, the screening will take place at ARGE Kultur Salzburg. A renowned jury with personalities from the Austrian film and cultural landscape will award prizes to the best entries. The audience will also award a prize for the most popular film of the evening.

Linz International Short Film Festival
12. - 15. November 2020

For the second time, Linz is transforming itself into an international short film metropolis, showing films from all over the world. The LINZ INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL was founded in 2018 with the aim of supporting young, talented filmmakers in their qualitative work and giving them the opportunity to present their creations in a professional setting.

Mountainfilm International Film Festival Graz
10. - 14. November 2020

Mountainfilm Graz is Austria's largest genre film festival in the field of mountain and nature. For the festival audience, this results in a wide range of themes, great stories and shots from the most diverse regions of our planet, waiting to be discovered.

14. - 17. November 2019

The first issue of Queertactics, the new lesbian_queer_feminist film series in Vienna, starts under the headline "the world shall become queerer and more feminine".

Central American Film Festival
15. - 22. November 2019

The Central American Film Festival Vienna sees itself as a cultural bridge from Central America to Europe and strives to make this small but creative film scene known. In 2019, the latest audiovisual productions from Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Mexico, this year's host country, will again flicker across the screen, telling stories that are part of everyday life there, describing nature and landscape, or revealing world peculiarities.

Vienna International Children's Film Festival
14. - 22. November 2020

The "International Children's Film Festival" in Vienna, Linz and Styria brings together the most beautiful films for families, children and a young audience.

YOUKI - International Youth Media Festival
17. - 21. November 2020

Austria's largest international youth media festival in Wels invites young filmmakers to exciting film screenings and a colourful supporting programme consisting of Q&As, workshops, youth media projects, educational programmes, concerts and parties. The heart of the festival is the International Film Competition, which annually comprises around 80 short films by young directors between the ages of 10 and 26.

UNDOX - International festival of innovative documentary arts
22. - 23. November 2019

In November 2017, UNDOX, a worldwide unique international film festival, was launched. The festival exclusively honours films that distinguish themselves through new approaches and break new ground in terms of production and narrative methods.

International Children's Film Festival Styria
21. - 29. November 2020

The "International Children's Film Festival" in Vienna, Linz and Styria brings together the most beautiful films for families, children and a young audience.

2 Days Animation Festival
27. - 28. November 2019

2019 the 2 DAYS ANIMATION FESTIVAL takes place for the 15th time - including the One Day Animation Festivals. The spirit of the festival is explicitly the openness for artistic expressions in the range from avant-garde to entertainment, from experiment to narration, from student to artistically independent to commissioned works, and all this in the committed interest to also represent and promote a technical bandwidth from analogue to digital.

this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival
03. - 13. Dezember 2020

The International Human Rights Film Festival "this human world" takes place annually in Vienna under the banner of human rights. High-quality national and international films, which deal with socio-political circumstances, problems and challenges in a variety of ways, bring the worldwide handling of human rights to the big screen.

Poetry Film Festival
29. November - 01. Dezember 2019

The "Poetry Film Festival" in Vienna offers poetry films and literary films, competitions, readings and performances by local artists and surprise guests from abroad.

K3 Film Festival Villach
09. - 13. Dezember 2020

The K3 Festival sees its eponymous terms "commerce, art, cinema" as an incentive to draw boundaries in order to cross them at the same time. The core of this cross-border festival is dedicated to the filmmaking of the regions of Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Slovenia.

Cinema Talks
10. - 13. Dezember 2020

Cinema Talks is an innovative, young film festival, 2020 the festival has entered the next round! From Up to 30 national and international short films will be presented - packed in four categories: Social, Extraordinary, Entertainment and Inspiration. Afterwards, the films will be discussed with invited speakers, giving the audience an understanding of the subject matter of the films and the art of filmmaking.

Initiatives and events

The VdFS supports the following initiatives and events.

EU Youth Cinema #EUandFILM
The mission of the EU Youth Cinema #EUandFILM: Filmmakers for Europe 2030 is on the one hand to make a unique contribution to a better understanding of the values of the European Union and the United Nations and their goals around sustainable development, and on the other hand to present what support Austrian film productions and filmmakers can offer in this respect.

Cinema Next
To make the young Austrian film and its talents visible, the "Cinema Next - Young Cinema from Austria" initiative has been dedicated to this since 2011. In addition, the "Cinema Next Filmnächte" take place regularly throughout Austria.

EU XXL - Forum and Festival of European Film
The EU XXL FILM initiative, launched in 2003, is a forum for the promotion, communication and dissemination of European cinema and an interface for the various aspects of film. "EU XXL Die Reihe" - the travelling cinema of the 21st century - is touring Austria again until June 2019. Dates and places can be found here.

Children's cinema worlds
Kinderkinowelten is a school project that brings pupils from 4 to 18 years of age throughout Austria closer to the world of international children's and youth film. It enables an intensive examination of the medium of film and supports educators through information events, accompanying material for all films and accompanying discussions. The film screenings will be arranged individually.


Since autumn 2011and as part of the "ONE WORLD FILMCLUBS" initiative, young people all over Austria have independently organised film clubs and arranged numerous film screenings for their peers at regular intervals. The shown films deal with topics such as human rights, equal rights, the environment, globalisation, migration, work, violence, racism and more. There are now more than 30 active film clubs throughout Austria.

Diverse Geschichten - scenic reading
DIVERSE GESCHICHTEN is aimed at screenwriters with an intercultural background. The programme enables experienced writers, as well as career changers, to develop their stories from idea to script in cooperation with professional dramaturges in several workshops. The screenplay excerpts are presented to the industry public in a professionally supervised scenic reading by well-known actors.

Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film
The "School for Independent Film" was founded in 2006 by Friedl Kubelka. It promotes prospective filmmakers and offers exchange, instruction and further training with renowned national and international film artists.

In addition to offering training and further education opportunities, Drehübung l Vienna sees itself as a platform, hub and place of exchange for young actors, where content and quality are at the centre of attention.

fc gloria
FC Gloria was founded in 2010 to make women visible in the Austrian film industry and to contribute to a gender-equitable future in the film sector. The KinoSalons offer the opportunity to see and discuss current Austrian and international films by women.

scriptLAB docu - script development program
The aim of scriptLAB docu is to support documentary film directors in the early stages of material and concept development for feature-length cinema documentaries. The programme includes dramaturgical accompaniment as well as financial support.


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